About NBE

Jesse Pettway, Husband, Father, Firefighter Paramedic & Licensed Funeral Director. An Honors graduate of Malcolm X College’s Mortuary Science Program, Jesse wears several hats: A husband and father of 11, having lost two children at early ages A full-time Firefighter Paramedic for the City of Chicago A Licensed Funeral Director and volunteer group tutor for Mortuary Science Students. After graduating from an extremely difficult mortuary science program, Jesse was faced with passing the NBE(National Board Exam); While navigating what to study, what not to study with minimal to no existing guidance, he created a strategy that was extraordinarily successful. His strategy resulted in his passing the boards the first time! As with most Mortuary Science students, time is at a premium! Failing isn’t an option! Repaying testing fees aren’t either! This interactive app program is a one-stop-shop with all the quizzing and preparation resources needed to successfully prepare for the exam.


How do I Cancel my subscription ?

To cancel, Login to your account then click on dashboard , then click on the word settings and then scroll down to the red cancel button and click the red cancel button. Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the billing date will not be charged.

Q: How can I adjust my auto-renewal settings?

At the end of each membership subscription period, you will be automatically charged according to the current subscription unless canceled. You will receive access to the site for the amount billed; then, the subscription will be canceled. Adjustments are made inside of the app.

How is this service different from the free service offered inside the NBE Exam Prep FB Group?

NBE Exam Prep provides access to a library of national board exam-related questions derived from resourced information. The Facebook group offers community engagement and encouragement but not tangible learning materials.

How do I request a refund?

Memberships are auto-renewed until canceled. Unfortunately, no refunds are offered; due to the nature of this virtual platform, information can be duplicated once access is granted.

Can I play the Kahoots shared in the group without subscribing to the NBE Exam Prep?

Yes, but in a redacted and limited capacity.